Call for Makers Now Open!

Chicago Northside Maker Faire has finally arrived!

Maker Faire is a venue for inventors, technophiles, artists, crafters, mad scientists, hackers, musicians, and anyone who makes cool things and want to show others how it’s done.

Apply Now!

Reserve your maker table at Carl Schurz High School on Saturday, April 21, 2012.  We will be accepting applications until March 30.  There is no cost to makers to present.  Makers will also be featured on our website and advertisement.

All ideas and creations are welcome.  We are looking for diversity, so the more inventive the idea, the more likely it will be selected.

Questions? Contact us at


2 responses to “Call for Makers Now Open!

  1. I think you should invite Argonne National Labs !!!!!

    • Anabel, did you get my e-mail from a few weeks ago with information on the Faire? Did you have something planned? I can send you our flyer if you’d like. But remember that if Argonne wants to be a Maker, the Call for Makers deadline is tomorrow!

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